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Who We Are


Who We Are

Pete's Ultimate Movers –The best commercial moving company in Tampa

Pete's Ultimate Movers exists only to fulfil your needs as you are moving in Tampa. We believe in saving you time and money by providing you licensed expert Tampa Bay movers, no matter what your individual requirements may be. Our service is based on delivering the highest possible value to you, by saving your both time and money. Here's how we do it.
Pete's Ultimate Movers was founded by Petersonn Suffrena, for whom this was the very first business venture. Petersonn partnered with Harold Gabriel, a friend who had just lost his job, to do his first moving job in Tampa Bay. He decided his calling was in helping Tampa Bay families like you in this way. The company grew fast on repeat business and referrals, until Suffrena registered it in 2010 as a commercial moving company in Tampa. Our primary offerings are apartment movers in Tampa Bay and office movers in Tampa Bay, although we also provide various Florida cities movers and Orlando movers. We also have qualified piano movers in Tampa, who have the knowledge and experience to carefully dissemble, move and reassembly pianos and other heavy musical equipment.
The hallmark of our service begins with our selection and training of the staff who will be serving you. We pick only the physically fittest and then train them extensively to understand our values and your expectations, so that what you receive is nothing short of the very best service. Next, we are a fully licensed and insured commercial moving company, which saves you a lot of cost and hassle in the rare situation that any damage does occur. We comply with all the rules and regulations of the state of Florida in an effort to provide you with the very best service available.
When you walk in our door, we can quickly discuss your needs and provide you a free quote for what the moving will cost you. You will also find out in great detail what services we can offer you. Our services begin with packing your items securely, for which we can also provide the relevant material, then loading the prepared items onto a truck, driving that truck across the city, state or country to the delivery address you provide and finally to unloading the truck, unpacking the items and helping you arrange the items at your new location.
For apartment movers in Tampa Bay, you can choose from our entire array of services – you don't need to pay us for the entire job! Customers moving from one apartment to another often hire us after they have packed and prepared all their items and identified the larger items that they feel are too heavy for them to move safely. Our expert Tampa Bay movers come in to load these heavy items onto a truck and then unload these items at your new apartment, saving you time, sparing you the risk of any injuries while moving these items as well as avoiding any damage to your furniture and other items because we have strong movers who use the latest methods to move these items safely and quickly.
You can also find the materials when you need to pack your items and hire a truck, driver or simply come in for advice on how to get your job done! We can also advise you on how to prepare a schedule for your move, to save you from the hassle and annoyance of wasting time in having to make unnecessary journeys between your old and new locations or looking for equipment and materials that you are going to need.
For office movers in Tampa Bay, our services extend to helping you pack all the furniture, equipment and fittings at your current office location, in collaboration with you or your employees, transporting everything to the new location and setting up your new office so that with the minimum bother, time lost and damaged items that need to be repaired or replaced, you can get back to work and really benefit from your move to your new office location.
Musical equipment, particularly large and heavy items such as pianos, can be very tricky to move. There is the risk of damage and injury at every point of the move. You could get injured moving the heavy piano down the stairs, or scratch your floors just getting the piano to the door. Our expert piano movers understand how much you value your piano and can move it safely for you.
In addition to moving services, we can offer you various additional and premium services. We can pack your items for you, service your appliances and carry all items down the stairs, if you need us to. In some cases, area regulations may not allow us to park our truck reasonably close to your building and in this case, we will be more than happy to provide you the extra service of carrying your items the extra distance. Sometimes, you may need to store your items temporarily before getting them to your destination point. We can arrange the storage-in-transit for you.
If you need it, we can also guarantee you, for a fee, a date by which the moving will be completed and depending on the agreement, you may also be compensated for any delays in getting the job done.
We also cater specially to movers aged 55+ and understand how their needs differ from our younger customers, given that they come in with health concerns of their own and are more concerned about the safety of their items because they cannot get personally involved with ensuring this safety.
Call us today for a quote if you are moving in Tampa. If you know exactly how many items you want moved, we can offer you a binding quote, a flat fee for which all your inventory will be moved. We can also offer you non-binding quote or an hourly rate if you are not entirely sure of how many items you want moved