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Moving Tips


Moving Tips

Moving or relocation from one place to another might give you sleepless nights as you will have to look into a whole lot of things.Moving tips will however, give you a clear-cut idea as to how you could plan your move in a systematic manner.
7 weeks before you move... collect estimates and also moving quotes in order to find out the most affordable and reliable services.
6 weeks before you move... Arrange for all the records that need to be transferred to your new residential address. In case your move involves change of states,get in touch with your insurance agent and get the changes made accordingly.
5 weeks before you move... Make an inventory of every room and sort out what you could donate and what you need to take along with you.Start using those things that cannot be moved along with you.
4 weeks before you move... You may begin packing those items which you will not use often. Donate those items that you do not wish to use and collect a receipt as it will be use for filing your income tax.
3 weeks before you move... Ensure that you have given away all the pending library books to the lending library and the items that you have given for repair or dry wash have been collected.Dispose all corrosives and poisonous substances and get your auto mobiles serviced.
2 weeks before you move... Plan for food items that you would need for the last week at this home. Confirm with your travel arrangements. And also consider withdrawing finances for your expenses and pending payments.
1 week before you move... Sort out the essentials items and designate each and every moving box. Identify each one with a specific name so that you can open the important ones first and the unimportant ones later.
On the Moving Day... Ensure that all your belongings are packed and transported. Do not forget to leave an address for all the correspondence to be diverted to your new address.
Pete's Ultimate Movers offers its service through All Local Moving and you may request for a free quote. Keep these moving tips in mind before you plan for your move.