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Movers Services


Movers Services

Moving or relocation is undoubtedly one of the most time consuming, stressful, and cumbersome activity. Since relocation and moving inevitably involve shifting of your goods from Point A to B, selecting a professional, reliable, suitable moving company is of prime importance. Consideration also must be given to the fact that the entire process may last up to more than one week especially in cases of interstate relocations.

We, at Pete's Ultimate Tampa Movers constantly strive to ensure that we deliver the best possible service at an affordable cost and to this respect we have launched several schemes to ensure that we deliver you the services that are compatible to your needs. With our experience in this industry of extensive years we bring to the table a healthy mix of experience and sophisticated technology. We believe in establishing trust with our clients and to that effect we have to our credit several certifications the most notable among them being those of AMSA. It is an organization that keeps a record of all the movers and moving companies in America. We are also registered on FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) which has the in depth details of the company.

To give the best possible service to our customers we offer a wide and diverse range of options which can suit every budget. Broadly, we've distinguished our service offerings in two types they are as follows

Complete Service:

As the name suggests you can slack off while our team of highly experienced movers take charge and ensure that the relocation is done precisely and prudently. It is the best choice for professionals who are already burdened with their hectic schedules, the other advantage that accrues by choosing this service is the fact that we take complete responsibility of the relocation and thus you have fewer things to worry about.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY):

This service gained immense popularity in recent times, with the narrow specter of recession causing thousands of families to reduce budgets we bring to you our unique DIY kit. Under this scheme you can choose what part of relocation you would like our Tampa moving company to get done and what would you do on your own. The unique flexibility that it offers also ensures that costs are kept low while efficiency increases. The obvious disadvantage is you would be responsible for the job done by you.

It is also important to mention that actual costs incurred while moving could be exempt from taxation and hence it is important to consult your Accountant before relocating. Care should also be taken that specific items, pets etc. require special permits and although we would assist you in this process, doing the paperwork beforehand expedites the process. As one of the most reliable movers in Tampa Fl, we are always at your service.