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Packing And Unpacking


Packing And Unpacking

Moving from your house is undoubtedly the most excruciating task that one faces, and hence close attention needs to be paid at all aspects of moving. While considering moving from your house the most important phase is that of Packing and Unpacking, this is so primarily because of the nature of goods and articles to be moved. Hence it is imperative that a professional packing and unpacking help agency with extensive experience in handling these projects be hired so as to protect your goods from being wrecked during the rigors of transport whether local, intrastate, or even interstate.

We, at Pete's Ultimate movers strive to be deliver the best and it is our endeavor in providing quality packing and unpacking help services for our clients. With our extensive experience of so many years in home based, corporate, government, military and also packing and unpacking for local moving services. We pride ourselves in providing an unblemished record of packing and unpacking for local moving services as well as interstate moving. It would also be of interest to know that we are accredited by AMSA which means we undergo regular audits and scrutiny’s to ensure that quality standards are maintained and are not compromised in any way.

We offer a variety of packages tailor made specifically to suit our diverse customer range. Our unique customized program ensures that moving is accomplished in a safe, economical, and hassle free manner. Enumerated below are some of the packages that we offer our customers, do feel free to contact us in case of further queries.

1. Full Packing:

As the name suggests you don't have to do a thing. Packing can be quite an exhaustive experience and is best avoided. Our professional and highly experienced packers will ensure that packing especially of fragile goods, bone china and other rare artifacts is done in a safe and sophisticated way so that safety is ensured during transport and unpacking becomes easier. Advantages of this process are that we take responsibility in the unfortunate incident of damage to goods, thus you can be rest assured that you get what you pay for.

2. Partial Packing:

This is our unique customized program specially designed so that costs of relocation can be kept low. This quite literally means that we do some of the packing; this may vary depending on the number of goods packed or in some cases even number of rooms assigned to pack. However we will take responsibility of only those goods that we have packed.

3. Unpacking:

The last part of the process, After a hectic relocation the last thing you want to do is unpack and arrange all the items, this is where our team of packers and movers can assist you in unpacking and arranging your house as per your directives and instructions.