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Storage services at Pete's Ultimate Movers

So you want storage for the items before you move to some new location? You can get amazing storage facilities and more with us. All arrangements will be made by our professionals for storing all your items safely and securely in the warehouse facility. Also, when your home or office will be ready to accommodate the items, we will deliver them all to your desired location safely.

We work in a purely professional manner and give you the list of items that you store with us. And then, whenever you want the items to be moved to your place, we are just a call away from you. Just tell us when and where to deliver and you will get your items in no time.


With our storage, you can be sure of keeping your items safe in the warehouse. This way, you can have the best security for your belongings. We even make it a point that the larger items that sometimes do not get adjusted into the storage vaults are carefully and safely placed on the special racks.

If you have any queries or inhibitions about our storage facility, the storage services we offer, prices charged or anything else, just call us. Irrespectiveof the size or number of items that you want to store, you can definitely trust us for taking due care of all your items.

Pete's Ultimate Movers is the company that is trusted by a large number of customers when it comes to high end storage facilities. We are well equipped to take care of your commercial and residential storage requirements. There is a wide variety of storage options with us. Our storage facility has huge warehouse and secure settings to make sure that your belongings are properly stored.

Commercial storage

If you want commercial storage services from us, some of the benefits that you will enjoy include regular inspection of the warehouses, theft protection systems, fire safety systems, vaulted and open rack storage, high end surveillance, delivery of items at your doorstep, climate control storage, commercial storage for both short and long term requirements, management of inventory, and much more.

Residential storage

Talking about our household storage, we make use of the vaulted storage systems in order to safeguard your belongings against all sort of damage. Some of the features that you enjoy with our residential storage service include:

  • Climate controlled storage
  • Theft and fire safety systems
  • Surveillance
  • Vaulted storage
  • Long term and short term storage choices
  • Delivery of items
  • Inventory management

With such storage services, you can be sure of storing your goods in safe settings and under proper surveillance. You can ask a free, no-obligation quote to know the estimate for storage services you want.

Hire us and we will never give you a chance to look for any other service provider.